Public Finance

Mahtook & LaFleur and its partners provide municipalities, parish governments and their related entities a variety of bond financing services. The public finance section lead by Eric LaFleur works as bond counsel, issuer's counsel, or underwriter's counsel to develop the appropriate legal structure to provide the financing needed to fund a project or address a budgetary problem.

Whether taxable or tax-exempt, or general obligation, revenue, limited tax bonds, assessment or industrial development bonds, LaFleur provides experience and knowledge that gives the client the possibility to consider all available options. His work includes legal services in all phases of public finance transaction, including preparation of official statements, cooperative endeavor agreements, notices and related disclosure documents, certificates and the preparation of all other financing documents.  

When looking to resolve a capital outlay need, you can expect Mahtook & LaFleur to provide you with creative financial solutions to achieve the end goal.  The transactional attorneys at Mahtook & LaFleur have earned a reputation throughout the state of Louisiana as knowledgeable financial attorneys who can facilitate successful public financing in a timely and professional manner.  Regardless of the type of project, the firm will work diligently to make sure that the most cost effective means of financing is achieved.


National Association of Bond Lawyers

Listing in the Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace(the “Red Book”)

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