Public Finance

Mahtook & LaFleur represents municipalities, parish governments, school boards and various other political subdivisions and districts in bond financing services and related ballot initiatives. The firm’s public finance group, headed by Eric LaFleur, works as bond counsel, issuer's counsel, underwriter's counsel or in other necessary legal roles to advise and develop the appropriate legal structure needed to address funding capital outlay projects or other budgetary needs. The types of political entities, commissions or special district issuances and elections handled by the firm include: parish or city, road, fire protection, school, port, housing, industrial or economic, hospital, and tax increment financing.

Whether taxable or tax-exempt, general obligation, revenue, limited tax bonds, assessment or industrial development bonds, Mahtook & LaFleur brings experience and expertise that provide the client all of the available options. Their work includes legal services in all phases of the public finance transaction, including preparation of official statements, resolutions, ordinances, notices, certificates and related disclosure documents, and financing documents.  

Mahtook & LaFleur coordinates and assembles schedules and appropriate filings for elections and ballot initiatives on a variety of different issues: new, renewal and rededication of revenue tax propositions, complex district consolidation matters and home rule charters. With only a limited number of elections provided for annually by the state, the proper and timely completion of notices and other related filings to complete ballot process is time consuming and complex. The firm maintains an organized and seamless election process for its clients including a client portal to important events and documents.

The public finance group at Mahtook & LaFleur has earned a reputation throughout the state of Louisiana as knowledgeable financial attorneys who can facilitate successful public financing and ballot initiatives in a timely and professional manner. For all public finance and election matters, Mahtook & LaFleur will work diligently to make sure that the most cost effective means of financing is achieved.


National Association of Bond Lawyers

Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace (the “Red Book”)

Louisiana Police Jury Association

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